Sunday, January 29, 2012

Second Semester Welcome

Hello and welcome to all my second semester classes. This is my blog, where I will from time to time post important information or interesting articles about the world of computers relevant to our courses.

As part of the your communication mark you will be expected to post 2 blogs a week. I will mark them every two weeks. You will write about your experiences in class and the material you are learning.

If you notice over on the right hand side of this post there is a sign up form for my email newsletter. By adding your name and personal email to it , you will receive a weekly email from me reminding you of any upcoming work, test, assignments etc.

Your marks will not be included in the email, but you can get updated marks via First Class.

A couple of reminders to finish off, you must get the course info sheets signed at soon as possible.

Good luck with the course and I hope you find it interesting and rewarding.

Mr. Chiarelli

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