Saturday, October 01, 2011

One Month Later

I hope you have settled into your computer course. Here's a couple of reminders.
  •  Blogs are marked every 2 weeks on Friday's
  • Remember to keep an indexed notebook for two reasons, its worth marks (marked near midterm and end of  year), and you can use it on some tests
  • Check Edmodo daily for the latest lesson info (video lesson replays) and assigment postings.
  • Don't have a piece of software at home, check my Cloud Apps site .
  • Looking for some old tests to help you study goto to my Edublog site.
  • Keep track of your marks and check for errors on First Class
  • Find it hard to remember all this or anything else.... sign up for my Mailing list over on the right hand side for weekly reminders.
  • Need extra help, I am at school by about 7:30 every morning. Come to room 121 up until 8:10 am.

I hope your learning some neat things and if you don`t think your being challenged enough come and see me I have lots of ideas. Want to see what other courses I teach , including all the material (notes, handouts, demos, videos) . Then goto to Mr. Chiarelli`s CS Website

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