Saturday, January 30, 2010

Welcome to Mr. Chiarelli's Computer Science Blog 2009-2010

Welcome to Mr. Chiarelli's Computer Classes for 2009-2010

This blog will post information about upcoming tests, assignments and any other relevant info you need to succeed.

Your blogs will be marked every second Friday. You should have 2 postings per week for a total of 4 postings. One or two paragraphs per post is required. Full sentences please. I mark the blogs Friday morning so you should complete them no later than Thursday night.
I hope you find your computer course with me useful , interesting and rewarding.

Your current marks are posted on First Class. You can access First Class from home in two ways.
Download the actual program from

First Class Client

then goto to the Collabrate Menu and under setup type in the server address


you can access FC from the internet on a web based form at this address

This year all help (eg. Test and Assignment hints ) will be posted on my new EduBlog (see the link to the right)

Best wishes Mr. Chiarelli

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